Below are the known typos and errors, by page number. If you have questions or have found any other errors, please contact Ken Goehring at kengoehring *

7 – In the last paragraph, the page number should be to the Reference page in the book: 262. Page 247 is the first page of the plant list and the first paragraph does describe the sources for the flora, but not the names.

85 – The last sentence should read : “The four stamens …”

107 – In the first sentence, strike out “and Southern Oregon.” The Shasta Bluebell is restricted to Mount Shasta and the Trinity Alps.

256 – Eriogonum pyrolifolium – should have an asterisk, as it was painted.

On the Back Cover of the book, the photo of Ed Stuhl standing at the Sierra Club Cabin door is mis-attributed. The photo was taken in 1968 by the then custodian of the Lodge, Jim Edwards.

Easter Egg Hunt

In computer lingo, an Easter egg is a deliberately placed piece of software that can only be accessed by a special keystroke or game action.

Our book has an unintended Easter egg of a sort. Can you find it?

There is a faintly colored outline of a rectangle. It is difficult to see.
The light has to be just right.

The page number that this rectangle lives on has individual digits that add up to 7.
Join the Insider’s Club by finding this phantasm.